Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas Eve Plates

Skill Level: Easy! 

Want a special plate for your children to put out for Santa? Well here's the instructions on how to do one! Quick, easy and makes a great keepsake <3 

What you'll need:

•A white porcelain plate
•Paint pens! ( I grabbed mine from the local craft store, they are called Porcelaine Writers. Make sure that the pens you are getting are made for writing on glassware, plates etc)

Step One:

•Begin by outlining what you want on the plate. For example I put "Cookies to Santa" across the top. Then I added a snowman, tree, and reindeer. Let your imagination run wild!

Step two:

•Next you'll want to add color , where you want it. I filled in the reindeer, added some color to the snowman, and filled in the tree.

Step Three:

•Next you'll fill out the bottom of your plate. Write a short letter to Santa! Then polish it off with your child's name, or a pet's name even!

•Don't forget to add some snow up at the top!!

•Make sure to follow the directions on your pens about drying/baking times. Mine say to let dry for 24 hours, and then bake at 150 for 35 mins. 

Happy Crafting!