Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cake Pops! ♥

These are all the rage at the moment!~ I've seen them at coffee shops, at the local bakery, and on at least five different magazine covers!

I thought I would give it a try! And it worked! Although mine aren't professional looking, they sure are charming! I  love them and I'll be making smaller ones to hand out as party favors at my sons (Chocolate themed)  Birthday party this March  ♥

Skill Level: Easy! But Messy! ( Things that are fun usually are!)

You will need:

• Cake Mix
• Frosting
• Sucker sticks
• Chocolate Wafers
• Sprinkles & Food Coloring
• Styrofoam ( I used what I had laying around)

Step One:

• Make your cake mix according to directions
•Bake and let cool completely ( I put mine into the fridge to speed things up)

Step two:

• Crumble your cooled cake in a bowl, and add your frosting. I used about 75% of my jar of frosting.

• Put mixture back into fridge for 15 minutes.

Step Three:

•Form into balls. ( Approx 24 bigger balls or 40 smaller balls)

• Put back into fridge for 15 mins

Step Four:

•Melt some of your chocolate in a bowl, dip about a quarter of your stick into it..and push it into your cake pop. The chocolate will act like glue to hold it in.

•Put back into fridge for 15 mins

** I melted my chocolate wafers by putting them in the microwave for 20 seconds and then stirring..repeating until it was melted.**

Step Five:

 • Coat your Cake pop with chocolate.
• Add your sprinkles before it dries.
• Put your Cake pop into your styrofoam so that it can stand up and dry!

** You can add food coloring to your white chocolate too! Just a touch though because it makes it runny!*

**If your sticks start falling out, just pop them back into the fridge for a bit to harden up! I store my Pops in the fridge then bring them out to eat! They last longer this way, and sure are tasty!**

Happy Crafting!


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Valentine's Day Crayons ♥

I have seen these being done EVERYWHERE! So I thought I would give it a go..and find a way to make them unique!

The best part of this craft is that you don't need to use new crayons, you can use old crayons..all those little odds and ends your kids have laying around! Also although I LOVE  the cute pan I used, you can use silicon ice cube trays, or mini muffin pans..anything that is able to be heated!

I love them SO much, that I'm giving away TWO sets of six to my lucky Canadian friends! Visit me on Facebook for more details!

Skill Level: EASY..but things get please be careful.

You will need:

•Baking sheet or anything that can be heated.

Step One:

•Peel your crayons

Step two:

•Fill up your tray to the brim. ( Be careful not to overfill..liquid crayon mess is not fun to clean up!)

Step Three:

•Heat in oven at 250 for 10 minutes
Since every oven is different..keep an eye on your crayons. Take them out *carefully* when everything is melted.

• Leave them on the top of the stove until the pan is just barely warm to the touch.

Step Four:

 •Transfer your tray into the freezer for 15-20 minutes. You'll know when they are ready to come out because they will start to separate from the edge.

• Every so often one of the crayons will have a little bit of clear wax build up around it. This is OKAY..when you color with it just keep rubbing into that comes off. It doesn't effect the use of the crayon at all

•And Viola! Here you have it! My son is giving one out with each of his Valentine's this year.

I've seen people put cute little note cards with them ( ie: "Bear Hugs", on the bear one..or You color my world").

Happy Crafting!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Magnetic Makeup Board ♥

I saw this a while back ( something similar) and I have been just itching to try it out!! I'm in the middle of giving my bathroom a much needed face lift, so I thought now is the time!

 Ever notice how makeup is so flippin' messy!? Seriously my makeup drawer gets all that dust from various things in it, and I am constantly cleaning it...or else I throw it into a various makeup bag..only to find that gets messy too. This is a great solution! Every day I just take down what I want and then just pop it right back mess, no dust everywhere, no breaking anything, great storage for small bathrooms, and best of all just looks really cool!! 

Skill Level: VERY easy!
Price: Approx $20 ( that being said I have left over metal and magnets.)

What you'll need:

• 8x10 Piece of metal
• 8x10 Frame ( Remove the glass)
• Fabric of your choice
• Hot Glue
• Strong Magnets
• Scissors
• Packing Tape ( or something similar)
• Your makeup!

Step One:

• Take your tape and carefully tape off the edges of your metal. This will prevent tearing of your fabric, and in general just makes the metal safer.

Step two:

• Cut out your fabric so that it's just a little bit bigger than your metal.
• Glue your fabric down to the metal, making sure that it's pulled snug.

Step three:

• Put your metal covered in cloth into your frame. ( Remember no glass!) 

Step Four:

• Find your make up, and hot glue your magnets onto them. Add more magnets for your heavier items.

•Now add them to your board! 

Here is mine hanging up in my newly painted bathroom, and I am simply in love with it!!

Happy Crafting!
~Sy ♥


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Heart Wreath ♥

Quick and easy heart wreath! I just LOVE how this turned out ♥

Skill Level: Super Easy
Cost: Under $3.00

You will Need:

• Scrap booking Paper
•Glue ( anything will work, I used hot glue)
•Good pair of scissors

Step One:

•Cut strips of your paper ( all the same length). For mine I used the length of the paper.

Step Two:

•Fold your paper in half, like so..

Step Three:

• Fold both ends inwards to make a heart and glue together. Pinch until it dries. 

Step Four:

•Glue hearts together on the sides and continue one by one until it forms a circle.

Step Five:

•Glue ribbon onto two adjacent hearts ( so the the wreath will balance properly) 

And viola! I added some extra pink ribbon to the top but its not a must ♥

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Valentine's Day Countdown ♥

With just little over a month until Valentine's Day, I decided to make a countdown calender for my four year old son.  Not only did it turn out really sweet, he just loves it! He can't wait until it's time to use it, and I guarantee your child will feel the same <3 

Skill Level- VERY easy :)
(Also the supplies for this cost less then $7.00 !)

You'll Need:

• Hot Glue
• Number Stickers
• 14 Heart Containers
( Last minute  I decided to use Velcro as well :) )

Step One:

•Cut yourself a long piece of ribbon


Step Two:

•Glue velcro to both the back of the heart and the ribbon.
•Continue adding velcro down the ribbon and to the rest of the hearts ( pay attention to spacing)

Step three:

• Place your numbers on your hearts.

Step Four:

• Add a bow of your choice
First I made a red and pink bow, then I glued the red bow onto the velcro, followed by the pink.

Step Five:

•Lastly add some ribbon ( tied in a knot) for hanging your calender up on the wall!

•I also cut the bottom of the ribbon into a sweet little "V"

Step Six:

• Hang on the wall! I used two tacks ( one of the top and one on the bottom) to secure it to the wall

Add your hearts ( after filling them with little treats!) and Viola! 

Happy Crafting!