Wednesday, 14 December 2011

5 minute gift bags!

Skill Level- So super easy!

 Once again we come back to recycling Christmas cards! They are just too lovely to throw in that Recycle bin! So here is a simple,  quick way to make something "old" into something new!  Best of all..they are so fast to make!

 I used mine for my baking exchange goodies! What will you use yours for? 

You will need:

•Brown Paper bag
•Old Christmas cards ( the front)
•Hot Glue ( Regular glue would work as well!)
•Hole Punch ( optional)

Step One:

Cut out your Christmas card to your liking, and hot glue it to the front of your bag ( closer to the bottom)


Step two:

•Fold the top of your paper bag over once, and then hole punch ( or poke) two holes in it.

Step Three:

•Thread the ribbon through the back, then tie into a loose knot, or a bow! Viola! A sweet homemade gift bag ♥ 


Happy Crafting~