Sunday, 26 February 2012

Clothespin Ribbon Art Holder ♥

If your child is anything like mine..he/she LOVES to draw. My son is constantly making art, my fridge is covered , my magnet board is covered...what next?

This Clothespin Ribbon craft is a great way to show off all their art in a very unique way. Clothes pins are also great for itty bitty chubby hands so your child will be able to hang their items where they want as well. ♥

Skill Level: Medium

You Will Need:

•Ribbon (the medium thick ribbon will work the best )
•Hot Glue
•Tacks or Sticky Tack
•Small Wooden Letters ( I find mine at Walmart for $1.00 a bag)
•Clothespins (Walmart for $1.97)

Step One:

•Begin by measuring the approx amount of ribbon you will need by wrapping it around the clothespin. Then cut the amount of strips you will need. ( I did 12)

•Next start by putting a small amount of glue on the tip of the clothespin..continue gluing and laying down your ribbon as you go around. 

Step Two:

•Now lets work on our letters, I painted mine brown to match my ribbon! Mine took two coats :

Step three:

•Once your letters are dry glue them to your clothespins! 

Step Four:

• Place your ribbon on the wall ( I used sticky tack on the back of my ribbon ends, and my clothespins and it's held VERY well)

Viola! Easy to make, and looks really sweet!

Happy Crafting

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Something OLD into Something NEW ♥

Everyone  I know is on an "Up-cycling" kick. And why not? Not only is it better for the environment, but it's also almost always a cheaper way to get what you want.

Take me for example..I really really wanted a small crafting table. Something that I could put in my room that would look nice, not take up too much room..and have some drawers for storage. I looked everywhere.. The cheapest thing I ended up finding was a small computer desk at Walmart that was press board for $69 in the wrong color. So I decided I would check out local thrift stores..and I did.

These are my tips when searching for the furniture you want..very simple easy to remember tips.

• Find something built to last. (ie: skip over things that are press board etc) Look for real solid wood.

• Find something SO ugly that the owner is sure to give you a good price..because who else would want THAT?! ( My desk was not only horrible stained with marks..but it was also missing knobs and just looked plain awful)

• Find something reasonably priced! Factor in the cost of your item and what you will need to do to  get it up to par.

And last but not least..

• Find something that you can see the potential in. Something that when you close your eyes and look at can picture it where you are going to put it and how it will look.

♥  My desk cost me $20, plus I paid another $7 for new knobs. I used my left over bedroom paint on it, and it looks fabulous! 

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Keepsake Birthday Count up! ♥

My son LOVES counting down..or counting up to ANYTHING! His birthday is his ( and mine!) most favorite day of the entire year! I was tired of the candy treats each day but still wanted to make it special..

What could possibly be more special then uncovering a special picture of himself each day?! ♥ After you're done counting up, you have a beautiful piece or art left to frame and hang on their wall :)

Skill Level: Very easy and quick as well!

You will Need:

( The number of pictures really depends on how many days your counting up to. My son's birthday is the 20th so it was easy! However let's say your child's is the could always count down from the previous month.)

•Card Stock

• Number Stickers or Felt Pens

•Sticky Tack

Step One:

• Make your photo collage. I did mine myself. However places like Walmart, Cost Co and other photo places are now offering them. My printing cost was $3.00.  Make sure you make how many squares you will be counting up to .

• Using your card stock, start cutting out pieces to match your photo squares. Using a ruler would be best. I just eyed it.

  ( I like to live on the edge..the straight edge. haha)

Step Two:

•Now using your stickers or felts, begin to number your boxes. You can do them in complete randomness..OR you can do them in order. I did mine from the pictures of him when he was youngest until now ♥ 

Step Three:

•Add Sticky Tack to the back of your pictures and smoosh them onto your photos. 

And Viola! There you have it. A keepsake Birthday Count up!
**I'd also like to add that on a whim I decided to laminate mine, and it is not only more durable this way, but also I can now re-use the number squares next year with different pictures underneath.**

Happy Crafting & A Happy Almost 5th Birthday to my Sweet Boy

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Button Tree

I wanted to share this original idea with everyone ♥ There is no tutorial for my Button Tree..however you can use the one for Button frames and it is the same basic idea.

This is made on four large (10x14) canvas'. It's my seasons tree..Fall into Winter, into Spring, into Summer.
Look closely..little neat buttons are hiding everywhere!

So far two people have already offered to buy this from me! However it will be put in my bedroom above my crafting desk , so I can see it every morning and smile ♥

This is very easy to do..but it takes a LOT of time. This project took me nearly 6 hours..and a lot more buttons than I thought it would!! But is it worth it? Well you tell me!

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bottle Cap Magnets ♥

First of all, have you LIKED me on Facebook!? If not please do! I always seem to have a give a way going and it's a great way to get notified up upcoming crafts! Also it's a great place to post pictures of the crafts you've made using my tutorials or to ask questions!  Here's the link :

Now onto business! Bottle Cap Magnets! Gah!! These things are really easy to make and SO stinkin' cute! 

Skill Level: Very Easy!

You Will Need:

•Metal Bottle Caps
•White poster board (ish) paper
• Your pictures for inside the magnets
• Craft Glue & Glue Stick
•Good pair of scissors

Step One:

• Trace your circles onto your white paper and the paper you will be using to decorate with. ( I was lucky! My glue stick was the exact right size!) A hole punch would be ideal though!

Step Two:

• Use your glue stick and glue the two papers together, like so..

Step Three:

• Put a generous amount of craft glue into the bottom of your bottle cap and push in your circle. ( it should fit very snug!)

Step Four:

•Flip your bottle cap over and glue your magnet ( with craft glue) to the back.

•Let dry

And Viola! Pretty little UPCYCLED! Magnets <3 

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Canvas Button Art ♥

Simple, Classic and Really pretty ♥

I made this with my son's grandmother in mind. ( her name being Jane..hence the J's :) )
It turned out really well, and took about 30 minutes. I will definitely be doing this again..( and again and again and again). 

Skill Level: Can you glue buttons :p ? Yes?! You're good to go!

You will need:

• Canvas
• Buttons
• Hot Glue
• Paper and Pencil  ( For tracing )

Step One:

• Sketch your letter(s) , cut them out then trace them onto your canvas.
( I hand sketched mine, you could print yours or trace from a magazine!)

Step two:

• Start adding your buttons, fill up the inside of your letter(s). It's okay if  you see spaces!

When I craft, I'm messy! 

Step three:

• Now start layering your buttons. Cover your spaces! Do it in different areas, in different ways to make your project look unique!

And there you have it! Easy Peasy right?!
Give it a try! I promise it's fun!!

Happy Crafting!