Friday, 27 April 2012

Sweet Felt Owls ♥

These sweet little owls are not only easy to make, but they are sure to melt your heart! I have mine sitting up on my dresser and I love seeing them everyday! My five year old also loved making one, and he had a lot of fun with it. 

Skill Level: VERY easy!! ( For my child, I let him pick his colors etc, but cut out the pieces and let him use white glue.)

You Will Need:

• Styrofoam Balls ( Big or little)
•Different colors of felt
•Googly Eyes
• Hot or White glue
•Sharp Scissors

Step One:

•Cut out a circle of felt and glue it to your ball. This will be the bottom/base of your owl

Step Two:

• Choose your felt for your tummy feathers. Cut out in feather shape. ( think tear drop or leaf) I'd say 15 or so. You can always use more if you need to.

•Begin by gluing the feathers to the base and work your way up. Only put glue on the tops of the feathers. This lets the rest of the feather pop out, for a 3D look.




Step Three:

• Choose and cut out your felt for your back feathers. ( About 20)

• Once again start at the base and work your way up. Almost to the top. You'll still be able to see some Styrofoam and that is ok!



Step Four:

• Next cut out your felt for the headpiece ( a triangle), Ears ( folded triangles), A beak ( triangle) , Eyes ( circles).

• Glue on is this order. Beak first, Than Ears, Eyes, and last the head piece.



Step Five:

•Lastly add the googly eyes, and viola! You have yourself a very cute owl! 

This is my son's owl ( Princess). Gah! So cute ♥


Happy Crafting!! Whoooo ever you may be!