Saturday, 6 October 2012

Candlelit Halloween Jars's been a while, and I apologize!! Things have kept me quite busy , but now I'm right back into crafting so be prepared to be seeing a lot of me!! Secondly..I apologize for the quality of pictures, I misplaced my camera battery charger..and was too impatient to look for it, but wanted to tutorial this!

So with Halloween right around the corner, how cute are these!! The really add the the ambiance of any room, and I am just in love with them :)

Skill Level: Easy!! My five year old joined in on this one!

You Will Need: 

- Acrylic Paint
- Paint Brushes
- Glass Jars
- Tea lights

Step One:
Paint your jar!! I did about three coats. 

Step Two:

Next paint the rims black

Step Three:

Draw your face, then paint it in!

Pop in a tea light and voila! 

And because my son tried so very hard, I'll post his as well. There is something very sweet about his Halloween jars. I can definitely see us using them for many years to come.

Happy Halloween & Happy Crafting!