Friday, 25 November 2011

Fingerprint Snowman Ornaments

Skill Level- Easy!

This snowman ornament is the perfect gift for a teacher, parent, or grandparent..or loved one! 

What you'll need:
• A willing child(ren)
•Small Blue Glass Balls
•White poster paint
•Black & Orange Permanent Markers
•Silver Glitter Glue

Step One:

•Find your willing adorable child 

Step two:

•Paint fingers and thumb white 

Step three:

•Get child to firmly grasp ball. You can also do each finger separately.

*Remember to wash all the paint off your little ones fingers♥

Viola! Snowman :)

Step four:

•Paint a snowbank on the bottom of the ball for the snowman to sit on.

Step Five:

• Let Dry ( Takes about 10-15 minutes)
•Using permanent marker draw hats, arms, eyes and noses! ( I also marked the year and his initials on either side of the snowbank )

Step six:

•Brush silver glitter glue over the snowbank, this really makes them glittery on the tree! 

Step 7:

•Let glitter dry ( about 10 minutes)
•Tie ribbon onto the ornament. I have experimented and I think two different colors looks the best . I knot one, and just let it hang..and then tie the other into a bow <3
•Add an ornament hook, and you are ready to go!

Happy Crafting!!