Monday, 28 November 2011

Vinyl Lettered Ornaments

Skill Level- Medium

These are just beautiful!! Pictures do not do them justice!! And just think of how many ways you can personalize them! I made just over thirty of them, all different and all very pretty! Let your imagination go wild, and have fun!

You will need:

•Glass Balls ( any size will do!)
•Vinyl letters
•Fake Snow
•Self adhesive gem stones

Step One:

• Apply your larger letter to the front of the glass ball. ( Today I am doing a "TOPS" ornament, which is a non profit weight lose group that I belong to.) 

Step two:

•Add your black lettering ( or a contrasting color) straight across your first letter.

Step three:

•Remove the top of the ornament and spoon in your fake snow. ( I got glittery snow, and it looks so pretty)
•Give your ornament a nice shake after you put the top back on :)

Step Four:

•Add your ribbon! I usually cut out anywhere from two pieces of ribbon to five. It all depends on the size of the ball and what I think looks the best! Tie your ribbon using a basic knot, after threading it through the top of the ball.

•Add your gemstones! I chose in this case to just put them on the "T", but I have done it all different ways and it looks so beautiful! OR add no gemstones at all , which looks fabulous too!

Here is an example of a fully gem stoned name!

• This is an example of using no gemstones (the year was also added in vinyl letters)

And an example of a little glass heart. With just a first initial. I did ten of these for my son's preschool friends for school this year.

Happy Crafting!