Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Holiday Button Wreath

Skill Level- Easy!!

 Button crafts make me entirely WAY too happy! They are so easy, and SO much fun! I have oodles of more button crafts in mind so stay tuned for more fun tutorials!

You will need:

•Glue Gun
•Green Buttons ( all different shades is okay!)
•Red Buttons
•Red Ribbon
•Two container for tracing ( one bigger and one smaller)
•A yellow or light colored crayon
•Frame ( without glass)
•White card stock

Step One:

• Start by picking out your buttons and separating  them into two piles.

Step three:

• Now its time to trace out your wreath on the card stock. Use a light colored crayon or pencil and trace your big circle first.

Step four:

•Now trace your smaller circle.

Step Five:

 •Begin hot gluing your buttons onto your wreath. Make sure they are snug up against each other, but don't be too concerned with little spaces. *Do not glue buttons into the center of your wreath*

•When you are finished you will have something that looks like this!

Step six:

•Now we'll fill in the gaps, we will do this by gluing buttons OVER the holes in the wreath.  It also will give our wreath a really neat 3D look!

Step Seven:

•Add your red buttons randomly around the wreath. 

Step Eight:

•Take your red ribbon and tie a big bow, then glue it onto the top of your wreath ( just above the buttons)

Step Nine:

•Cut out a square around your wreath. The size you cut will depend on the frame you are using :)
•Pop your picture in the frame, to make mine more sturdy I actually put the glass behind my picture before placing the backing back on.

Happy Crafting!