Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Button Numbers

Happy New Year Everyone! I'm looking forward to a nice long year of crafting!

I was lucky enough to get a jar of buttons for Christmas from my best friend in Alberta! So there will be a few button tutorials coming your way! The BEST thing about button crafts is that you literally can't mess them up, they always look charming and sweet!! :)

Skill level: SO super easy!!

What you'll need:

• Wooden number
• Buttons of your choice
•Glue Gun

Step One:

•Pick out your buttons
Since this special number four, was for my Son's room, I let him pick out the colors he wanted.

Step two:

• Start gluing your buttons all over your wooden number

Step Three:

•After the first layer of buttons is finished, start filling in spots and layering some of the buttons.

Step Four:

• Glue your ribbon onto the back so you can hang it up! I also added little matching gemstones :)

All hung up on his wall!

Happy Crafting in 2012!