Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bottle Cap Magnets ♥

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Now onto business! Bottle Cap Magnets! Gah!! These things are really easy to make and SO stinkin' cute! 

Skill Level: Very Easy!

You Will Need:

•Metal Bottle Caps
•White poster board (ish) paper
• Your pictures for inside the magnets
• Craft Glue & Glue Stick
•Good pair of scissors

Step One:

• Trace your circles onto your white paper and the paper you will be using to decorate with. ( I was lucky! My glue stick was the exact right size!) A hole punch would be ideal though!

Step Two:

• Use your glue stick and glue the two papers together, like so..

Step Three:

• Put a generous amount of craft glue into the bottom of your bottle cap and push in your circle. ( it should fit very snug!)

Step Four:

•Flip your bottle cap over and glue your magnet ( with craft glue) to the back.

•Let dry

And Viola! Pretty little UPCYCLED! Magnets <3 

Happy Crafting