Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Keepsake Birthday Count up! ♥

My son LOVES counting down..or counting up to ANYTHING! His birthday is his ( and mine!) most favorite day of the entire year! I was tired of the candy treats each day but still wanted to make it special..

What could possibly be more special then uncovering a special picture of himself each day?! ♥ After you're done counting up, you have a beautiful piece or art left to frame and hang on their wall :)

Skill Level: Very easy and quick as well!

You will Need:

( The number of pictures really depends on how many days your counting up to. My son's birthday is the 20th so it was easy! However let's say your child's is the could always count down from the previous month.)

•Card Stock

• Number Stickers or Felt Pens

•Sticky Tack

Step One:

• Make your photo collage. I did mine myself. However places like Walmart, Cost Co and other photo places are now offering them. My printing cost was $3.00.  Make sure you make how many squares you will be counting up to .

• Using your card stock, start cutting out pieces to match your photo squares. Using a ruler would be best. I just eyed it.

  ( I like to live on the edge..the straight edge. haha)

Step Two:

•Now using your stickers or felts, begin to number your boxes. You can do them in complete randomness..OR you can do them in order. I did mine from the pictures of him when he was youngest until now ♥ 

Step Three:

•Add Sticky Tack to the back of your pictures and smoosh them onto your photos. 

And Viola! There you have it. A keepsake Birthday Count up!
**I'd also like to add that on a whim I decided to laminate mine, and it is not only more durable this way, but also I can now re-use the number squares next year with different pictures underneath.**

Happy Crafting & A Happy Almost 5th Birthday to my Sweet Boy