Thursday, 23 February 2012

Something OLD into Something NEW ♥

Everyone  I know is on an "Up-cycling" kick. And why not? Not only is it better for the environment, but it's also almost always a cheaper way to get what you want.

Take me for example..I really really wanted a small crafting table. Something that I could put in my room that would look nice, not take up too much room..and have some drawers for storage. I looked everywhere.. The cheapest thing I ended up finding was a small computer desk at Walmart that was press board for $69 in the wrong color. So I decided I would check out local thrift stores..and I did.

These are my tips when searching for the furniture you want..very simple easy to remember tips.

• Find something built to last. (ie: skip over things that are press board etc) Look for real solid wood.

• Find something SO ugly that the owner is sure to give you a good price..because who else would want THAT?! ( My desk was not only horrible stained with marks..but it was also missing knobs and just looked plain awful)

• Find something reasonably priced! Factor in the cost of your item and what you will need to do to  get it up to par.

And last but not least..

• Find something that you can see the potential in. Something that when you close your eyes and look at can picture it where you are going to put it and how it will look.

♥  My desk cost me $20, plus I paid another $7 for new knobs. I used my left over bedroom paint on it, and it looks fabulous! 

Happy Crafting!