Sunday, 26 February 2012

Clothespin Ribbon Art Holder ♥

If your child is anything like mine..he/she LOVES to draw. My son is constantly making art, my fridge is covered , my magnet board is covered...what next?

This Clothespin Ribbon craft is a great way to show off all their art in a very unique way. Clothes pins are also great for itty bitty chubby hands so your child will be able to hang their items where they want as well. ♥

Skill Level: Medium

You Will Need:

•Ribbon (the medium thick ribbon will work the best )
•Hot Glue
•Tacks or Sticky Tack
•Small Wooden Letters ( I find mine at Walmart for $1.00 a bag)
•Clothespins (Walmart for $1.97)

Step One:

•Begin by measuring the approx amount of ribbon you will need by wrapping it around the clothespin. Then cut the amount of strips you will need. ( I did 12)

•Next start by putting a small amount of glue on the tip of the clothespin..continue gluing and laying down your ribbon as you go around. 

Step Two:

•Now lets work on our letters, I painted mine brown to match my ribbon! Mine took two coats :

Step three:

•Once your letters are dry glue them to your clothespins! 

Step Four:

• Place your ribbon on the wall ( I used sticky tack on the back of my ribbon ends, and my clothespins and it's held VERY well)

Viola! Easy to make, and looks really sweet!

Happy Crafting