Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Button Frames

I love love love this craft!! So much in fact that I will be hosting a small gathering of ladies over later this month, to show them how to do it!

What's great about this is that you can customize your frame to suit any occasion, any room.. possibilities are so endless and so fun

Skill Level: Easy!! ( isn't everything I do easy? lol)

You'll need:

 • Wooden Frame
 •Your choice of picture
 •Glue Gun

Step One:

• Choose your buttons!
My friends oldest daughter just re-did her room in hot pink, with Zebra accents. So I chose White, Black got pink buttons! 


Step Two:

•Put your picture in your frame and begin adding your first layer of buttons.
( A special thank you to Jennifer Donnelly of Donnelly Photography for the beautiful photograph)
Find her on Facebook here:

Step Three:

• Start layering your buttons, just place them where there are gaps or it just looks nice!

Step Four

•Add your finishing touches, in this case for me it was tiny touches of hot pink!
Viola you've done it! Turned a boring old frame into something super cute!

I liked it so much that I did one more!! I even made a button flower ♥
Me & my son ♥

Happy Crafting!