Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Button Brooches

These are quick to make, and really very very sweet <3 Wear them on your coat, hat, sweater or even pin them to your purse! 
Skill Level : Easy :)

You'll Need:

• Buttons!
• Brooch Pins
• Felt
•Hot Glue ( Dont mind my messy glue gun! I'll be asking for a new one for my birthday ;) )

Step One:

•Find five similar buttons, and line them up like so. Flat side up :)
•Then put your glue in a circle.
•Put your center button on ♥
•Feel free to add another button on top!

Step Two:

•Glue on your brooch back, open up the pin..and add your felt over top to clean it up ♥

And viola! SO pretty!!

~Happy Crafting!