Sunday, 15 January 2012

Heart Wreath ♥

Quick and easy heart wreath! I just LOVE how this turned out ♥

Skill Level: Super Easy
Cost: Under $3.00

You will Need:

• Scrap booking Paper
•Glue ( anything will work, I used hot glue)
•Good pair of scissors

Step One:

•Cut strips of your paper ( all the same length). For mine I used the length of the paper.

Step Two:

•Fold your paper in half, like so..

Step Three:

• Fold both ends inwards to make a heart and glue together. Pinch until it dries. 

Step Four:

•Glue hearts together on the sides and continue one by one until it forms a circle.

Step Five:

•Glue ribbon onto two adjacent hearts ( so the the wreath will balance properly) 

And viola! I added some extra pink ribbon to the top but its not a must ♥

Happy Crafting!