Thursday, 26 January 2012

Valentine's Day Crayons ♥

I have seen these being done EVERYWHERE! So I thought I would give it a go..and find a way to make them unique!

The best part of this craft is that you don't need to use new crayons, you can use old crayons..all those little odds and ends your kids have laying around! Also although I LOVE  the cute pan I used, you can use silicon ice cube trays, or mini muffin pans..anything that is able to be heated!

I love them SO much, that I'm giving away TWO sets of six to my lucky Canadian friends! Visit me on Facebook for more details!

Skill Level: EASY..but things get please be careful.

You will need:

•Baking sheet or anything that can be heated.

Step One:

•Peel your crayons

Step two:

•Fill up your tray to the brim. ( Be careful not to overfill..liquid crayon mess is not fun to clean up!)

Step Three:

•Heat in oven at 250 for 10 minutes
Since every oven is different..keep an eye on your crayons. Take them out *carefully* when everything is melted.

• Leave them on the top of the stove until the pan is just barely warm to the touch.

Step Four:

 •Transfer your tray into the freezer for 15-20 minutes. You'll know when they are ready to come out because they will start to separate from the edge.

• Every so often one of the crayons will have a little bit of clear wax build up around it. This is OKAY..when you color with it just keep rubbing into that comes off. It doesn't effect the use of the crayon at all

•And Viola! Here you have it! My son is giving one out with each of his Valentine's this year.

I've seen people put cute little note cards with them ( ie: "Bear Hugs", on the bear one..or You color my world").

Happy Crafting!