Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cake Pops! ♥

These are all the rage at the moment!~ I've seen them at coffee shops, at the local bakery, and on at least five different magazine covers!

I thought I would give it a try! And it worked! Although mine aren't professional looking, they sure are charming! I  love them and I'll be making smaller ones to hand out as party favors at my sons (Chocolate themed)  Birthday party this March  ♥

Skill Level: Easy! But Messy! ( Things that are fun usually are!)

You will need:

• Cake Mix
• Frosting
• Sucker sticks
• Chocolate Wafers
• Sprinkles & Food Coloring
• Styrofoam ( I used what I had laying around)

Step One:

• Make your cake mix according to directions
•Bake and let cool completely ( I put mine into the fridge to speed things up)

Step two:

• Crumble your cooled cake in a bowl, and add your frosting. I used about 75% of my jar of frosting.

• Put mixture back into fridge for 15 minutes.

Step Three:

•Form into balls. ( Approx 24 bigger balls or 40 smaller balls)

• Put back into fridge for 15 mins

Step Four:

•Melt some of your chocolate in a bowl, dip about a quarter of your stick into it..and push it into your cake pop. The chocolate will act like glue to hold it in.

•Put back into fridge for 15 mins

** I melted my chocolate wafers by putting them in the microwave for 20 seconds and then stirring..repeating until it was melted.**

Step Five:

 • Coat your Cake pop with chocolate.
• Add your sprinkles before it dries.
• Put your Cake pop into your styrofoam so that it can stand up and dry!

** You can add food coloring to your white chocolate too! Just a touch though because it makes it runny!*

**If your sticks start falling out, just pop them back into the fridge for a bit to harden up! I store my Pops in the fridge then bring them out to eat! They last longer this way, and sure are tasty!**

Happy Crafting!