Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Button Tree

Eek!! How sweet is this?! And it literally takes no time at all! In two easy steps you can have yourself a beautiful picture to hang on your wall! 

Skill Level: Very easy !

You'll need:

•A canvas
•White shimmering buttons ( green or pink would look nice as well)
•Glue Gun
•Brown paint & Paint brush

Step One:
•Paint your tree ( it's easier then it looks, trust me!)
Let it dry :)

Step two:

•Add your buttons
I placed all mine first..and then went back and glued them down. 

Viola! Your tree is complete!
I'll be making another one with Green buttons as a gift for a friends birthday in February.
I hung this on my wall at home, and it looks SO neat! I LOVE how it shimmers!

Happy Crafting!