Monday, 23 January 2012

Magnetic Makeup Board ♥

I saw this a while back ( something similar) and I have been just itching to try it out!! I'm in the middle of giving my bathroom a much needed face lift, so I thought now is the time!

 Ever notice how makeup is so flippin' messy!? Seriously my makeup drawer gets all that dust from various things in it, and I am constantly cleaning it...or else I throw it into a various makeup bag..only to find that gets messy too. This is a great solution! Every day I just take down what I want and then just pop it right back mess, no dust everywhere, no breaking anything, great storage for small bathrooms, and best of all just looks really cool!! 

Skill Level: VERY easy!
Price: Approx $20 ( that being said I have left over metal and magnets.)

What you'll need:

• 8x10 Piece of metal
• 8x10 Frame ( Remove the glass)
• Fabric of your choice
• Hot Glue
• Strong Magnets
• Scissors
• Packing Tape ( or something similar)
• Your makeup!

Step One:

• Take your tape and carefully tape off the edges of your metal. This will prevent tearing of your fabric, and in general just makes the metal safer.

Step two:

• Cut out your fabric so that it's just a little bit bigger than your metal.
• Glue your fabric down to the metal, making sure that it's pulled snug.

Step three:

• Put your metal covered in cloth into your frame. ( Remember no glass!) 

Step Four:

• Find your make up, and hot glue your magnets onto them. Add more magnets for your heavier items.

•Now add them to your board! 

Here is mine hanging up in my newly painted bathroom, and I am simply in love with it!!

Happy Crafting!
~Sy ♥