Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Valentine's Day Countdown ♥

With just little over a month until Valentine's Day, I decided to make a countdown calender for my four year old son.  Not only did it turn out really sweet, he just loves it! He can't wait until it's time to use it, and I guarantee your child will feel the same <3 

Skill Level- VERY easy :)
(Also the supplies for this cost less then $7.00 !)

You'll Need:

• Hot Glue
• Number Stickers
• 14 Heart Containers
( Last minute  I decided to use Velcro as well :) )

Step One:

•Cut yourself a long piece of ribbon


Step Two:

•Glue velcro to both the back of the heart and the ribbon.
•Continue adding velcro down the ribbon and to the rest of the hearts ( pay attention to spacing)

Step three:

• Place your numbers on your hearts.

Step Four:

• Add a bow of your choice
First I made a red and pink bow, then I glued the red bow onto the velcro, followed by the pink.

Step Five:

•Lastly add some ribbon ( tied in a knot) for hanging your calender up on the wall!

•I also cut the bottom of the ribbon into a sweet little "V"

Step Six:

• Hang on the wall! I used two tacks ( one of the top and one on the bottom) to secure it to the wall

Add your hearts ( after filling them with little treats!) and Viola! 

Happy Crafting!